Sea Kayaking Along the
New England Coast

This updated and expanded edition of the AMC’s classic guide leads adventurous kayakers on more than 45 trips along the magnificent New England coastline. Kayakers of all abilities can explore expansive sand beaches, bird-watch in vast marshes, tour solitary estuaries, or challenge their skills along wild shorelines. Each trip description includes a detailed map, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration chart and map references, trip distance, caution areas, access points, and more. Whether you’re just discovering the joys of sea kayaking or have been exploring the New England coast for years, Sea Kayaking along the England Coast is a must-have addition to your paddling library. Special features include:

More than 45 trips, including 12 new destinations.
New interior design that makes finding the right trip even easier.
Detailed maps with access points.
Locator maps and at-a-glance trip highlights chart for easy planning.
Tips on eq
uipment, navigation, safety, and more.

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Sea Kayaking Along the
Mid-Atlantic Coast

From a circumnavigation of Manhattan to a paddle around a wildlife refuge on the Virginia shore, this guide provides all you need to know to set off on 30 fun and exciting sea kayakiing adventures.. Special features include detailed descriptive accounts of each route with local history, wildlife, ecology, scenic highlights and more. Maps and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) chart references. Special features include: detailed descriptive accounts of each route, with local history, wildlife, ecology, scenic highlights, and more; maps and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) chart references; access, parking, and launch and landing spots; trip mileages; relevant harbor information, land-use permissions, and campsites; tidal ranges, currents, caution areas, weather, equipment; and safety tips.